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Over the years, many patients had reported experiencing frequent headaches, debilitating migraines, and even facial pain while concurrently exhibiting symptoms that seemed to indicate that various dental force problems might be responsible. The doctors wondered if the symptoms and the pain conditions might actually be linked.

After some discussion our staff decided to start asking more questions — they wanted to know how many of their own patients actually suffered with painful conditions such as migraines, headaches, chronic tension and face pain. Careful study of their own patient base revealed that, indeed, a significant portion of their own patients suffered with these painful conditions and couldn’t get help. In fact, many had sought treatment from other healthcare providers only to find drugs, injections, and invasive surgeries were the recommended treatments. Many were taking medications to control the pain.

Dr. Thomas Brzostowski - Director, The Headache Center of ChicagoDr. Brzostowski decided to invest time in researching both contemporary treatment protocols for these conditions and newer, alternative treatment options. He quickly found that the most successful pain treatments were actually rooted in the field of sports medicine therapy. He also discovered that there were a few pioneering dental practitioners already having great success using these cutting-edge, non-invasive therapy modalities to rehabilitate patients — and that made a lot of sense!

For many years Dr. Brzostowski had run a very successful general dentistry practice in Westmont, Illinois but he knew they were onto something very special. He saw a key opportunity to extend their practice capabilities to better serve existing patients and many others in pain.

No one understands the forces at work in the nerves and muscles of the head, face, teeth, neck and jaw joints BETTER than a dentist, and finally there were new, breakthrough diagnostic tools and therapies available to correct a host of dental force-related problems that dentists routinely encounter.

Dr. Brzostowski decided to obtain this advanced training in dentomandibular rehabilitation and bring the latest diagnostic technologies and pain resolution treatments to their own patients. He became a subject expert on non-invasive pain mitigation, and The Headache Center of Chicago was born.

HCC Offers the Latest Advanced Treatments for Headaches, Migraines, and MORE:

  • Headache Pain – Most Types
  • Migraine Pain – Most Types
  • Tinnitus (Ear Ringing)
  • TMJ/TMD – Temporomandibular Disorders
  • Chronic Head & Neck Pain/Tension
  • Badly Executed Dental Work

If you or someone you care about suffers with any of these painful conditions, seek help from the EXPERTS at The Headache Center of Chicago. We can eliminate dental and neuromuscular force imbalances in order to help patients end their painful Headaches and Migraines, TMJ and Jaw Pain, Muscular Tension, or Tinnitus.

Our pioneering diagnostic technologies have been designed to expose root causes of pain so they can be properly treated. Our pain relief therapies are drug-free, needle-free, and highly successful for those who are diagnosed and found to be suitable candidates for treatment.

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At The Headache Center of Chicago you can expect a warm and pleasant experience, every time you visit. Our highly-trained therapists and office staff are compassionate care providers who truly understand how pain has changed your life. We’re ready to help you live your life free the from pain. Most patients begin to experience pain relief after the very first treatment visit. However, a full course of treatment for your unique condition could get you pain-free, and for the long-term. Our offices are conveniently located in Westmont, IL within reach of suburban Chicagoland.

Let The Headache Center of Chicago diagnose and treat your pain, so you can experience amazing quality of life once again!

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