Relief from Chronic Tension in the Head and Neck Muscles

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This woman suffers from Chronic Head and Neck Muscular Tension.At the Headache Center of Chicago we treat many patients who have already seen physicians and healthcare practitioners in search of head and neck pain relief but didn’t find answers. So why are so many people suffering with head and neck pain — chronic muscular tension that persists — but finding no solution to the problem?

Even though many people do have access to doctors and specialist who have experience treating head and neck tension, pain relief that lasts is hard to find due to improper chronic tension diagnosis and the all too prevalent use of drugs in chronic tension treatment. Incomplete of incorrect chronic tension diagnosis can be explained by the fact that most healthcare practitioners were never really taught about it. They never learned it in school, and they aren’t familiar with treating chronic tension conditions where dental-related force problems are at work.

In the case of drugs being used to treat tension, the same problem exists. Doctors rely on what they know to treat pain — too often that involves prescribing drugs to provide temporary relief. Can you blame them? They are searching for answers too! The truth is, drugs cannot hope to solve chronic tension of the head and neck because no drug can actually treat the root causes for pain. Painkillers only mask the pain symptoms — they correct absolutely nothing. Drugs can of course provide temporary relief, but the problems remain because the causes for muscular tension and pain remain totally untreated and perhaps misdiagnosed or not diagnosed at all.

Modern dentistry has come to understand that when dental-related forces are involved with head and neck pain symptoms, which is far more often the case than most physicians realize, that the bite forces must be restored to harmony and the neuromuscular imbalances rehabilitated to achieve a lasting pain relief result. Doesn’t it make sens that a highly trained dentist would best understand this link between muscular tension and bite force problems?

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As we have mentioned, head and neck pain is frequently connected to problems with dental force imbalances and most care providers are still unaware of this critical link. It is not speculation — the reason physicians and other specialists fail to correctly diagnose head and neck tension so often is because of their unfamiliarity with the link, and the subsequent lack of appropriate diagnostic tools and treatment protocols required for bite force corrections. You can’t produce real, long lasting pain relief if you don’t understand the problem thoroughly and possess the tools to correct it.

Specially trained dentists have become the leading providers of chronic tension pain relief in the healthcare industry. This is because no one knows more about force imbalances of the head, neck, teeth, jaw and face than practitioners of dental medicine, and only a highly trained and experienced few have both the diagnostic tools and treatment protocols to provide long lasting or permanent pain relief for these conditions. These are dental-related forces — neuromuscular imbalances that cause tension and pain, and we understand how to balance these forces and restore harmony.

With a correct and comprehensive diagnosis everything can change for you. The neuromuscular forces at work in your body that cause chronic tension pain can be exposed with a proper diagnosis and shown to you, right on our computer displays at The Headache Center of Chicago.

“Physicians, chiropractors, and other specialists are beginning to collaborate with practitioners of dental medicine to resolve pain conditions like chronic head and neck tension for their patients. It is so important for everyone — care providers and patients alike — to understand how these forces must be kept in balance because too aid those who suffer. We are now able to provide effective and long lasting pain relief without drugs, needles, or surgery in the majority of cases. In fact, most chronic tension conditions can be successfully treated right here at The Headache Center of Chicago. Our breakthrough therapies really work.”

Dr. Darren Simpson

Head & Neck Pain — Chronic Tension Diagnosis

Head and Neck Pain or Chronic Tension is widely misunderstood, and regularly misdiagnosed. Get an accurate chronic tension diagnosis at The Headache Center of Chicago. Knowing why you suffer with pain could change your life.

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Head & Neck Pain — Chronic Tension Treatment

We understand Chronic Tension at The Headache Center of Chicago. We treat chronic tension of the head and neck every day. Are you ready for the long lasting pain relief that our chronic tension treatment could bring you?

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