Chronic Tension Treatments to Stop Head & Neck Pain

About Head and Neck Chronic Tension Treatment at HCC

Chronic Muscle Tension requires treatment, so be treated by the experts at HCC.Once our experienced doctors and therapy staff at The Headache Center of Chicago provide you with the most comprehensive diagnosis possible our chronic head and neck tension treatments can begin. We design you a customized treatment plan specific to your unique diagnosis and rehabilitate the nerves and muscles that cause you pain. We also make the necessary neuromuscular force adjustments to keep you pain free for the long haul.

Every patient is different, having unique needs for their rehabilitation plan. Chronic tension treatment can unfold in numerous ways depending on those needs, but it is likely that a combination of technologies will be employed in treatment for your chronic tension condition.

Take Advantage of the Latest Technologies Chronic Tension Treatment

Chronic Muscle Tension in the Head and Neck can be simply treated here at MHRPA.The Headache Center of Chicago employs a number of FDA-cleared cutting-edge technologies in the treatment of chronic head and neck tension. Based on the results of your diagnosis, chronic tension treatments may include such modalities as: Therapeutic Cold Laser, Electrical Stimulation, the use of Ultrasound, and Manual Manipulation. Learn more about the typical therapy modalities used in the treatment of chronic tension of the head and neck HERE.

Less than 300 dental practices in the U.S. have the advanced training and tools necessary to mitigate painful head and neck tension conditions successfully so that long lasting or permanent pain relief is achieved. The Headache Center of Chicago is one of these frontier practices. Here you’ll find that the hope for chronic head and neck tension relief can quickly become a reality.

Expect a Pleasant Treatment Experience at HCC — Every Time

At The Headache Center of Chicago you’ll receive the highest level of care for your head and neck pain available anywhere, and the best treatment protocols and technologies for chronic tension in Chicagoland. Each office visit is a pain-free, drug-free, needle-free experience. The office is warm and pleasant, as are the staff. Treatment for your chronic head and neck tension can start right after we complete the initial diagnostics and exams. All chronic tension treatment sessions are performed on-site by Dr. Brzostowski, and our highly-trained staff of experienced therapists.

Regardless of your specific chronic tension condition, understand that The Headache Center of Chicago is ready to get you long lasting pain relief. You could even be completely pain-free in less than three months. Our chronic head and neck tension treatments are designed to get you RESULTS.

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