Frequently Asked Questions About Various Pain Symptoms

Q:What symptoms can The Headache Center of Chicago resolve?
The patients we treat come to us with a variety of symptoms, including painful headaches, persistent migraines, atypical face pain and jaw discomforts, TMD/TMJ (Temporomandibular Disorder), Tinnitus (ear ringing sensations) and neuromuscular tension in the head, neck, teeth, mouth and jaw joints. Most of these symptoms can be resolved and precisely explained. We uncover root causes of your pain through a comprehensive diagnosis. Each patient is given a customized treatment plan and therapy is administered over a period usually lasting 12 weeks or less.

Q:What causes the symptoms that The Headache Center of Chicago’s treatments address?
Neuromuscular force imbalances, and indeed a multitude of dental-related forces within the head, neck, face, teeth and jaw joints are determined to be the root causes of pain in the case of most patients. All of these can also be linked to behaviors or instances including, but not limited to: improperly executed dental work; poor posture in the workplace; traumatic accidents to the head, neck or face; there are almost too many to list. The important thing is that the diagnosis exposes those root causes — the force imbalances themselves causing pain and discomfort, and exactly where they are.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Diagnostic Protocols and Examinations

Q:What can I expect during the preliminary exam?
First know that you will get concrete answers about any force imbalances that are working in tandem to create your pain if that is indeed what is wrong. We provide informative, objective, and comprehensive diagnostic knowledge to you regarding the root causes of any painful symptoms you may be experiencing.

The preliminary diagnostic exams can last anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, and it’s worth it! What we learn at this appointment allows us to thoroughly diagnose the problems and design a customized treatment plan unique to that diagnosis.

Q:What happens during the diagnostic process?
Our diagnostic process involves computerized measurements of the force distribution in your mouth, tooth by tooth for incredible precision. Our computerized measurements also analyze muscle movement and uncover additional problems. A comprehensive Range of Motion Exam is also completed to ensure that your mouth movements are accurately measured. These tests and diagnostic protocols are pain-free in and of themselves, and you get to see exactly where your problems are coming from.

The diagnostic exams are quite exhaustive. The doctors also address other things such as overall mouth health, your muscle health, any tooth-related issues they identify, and other potential problems that may need to be considered for successful treatment.

It is a very revealing experience for the patient. You will be getting diagnosed by the most qualified individuals anywhere for these kinds of problems. The majority of care providers out there are not properly trained and ill-prepared to expose root causes for these types of pain, but The Headache Center of Chicago is more than capable.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Treatment Process

Q:How does the HCC treatment process work?
Once all diagnostic protocols are complete and the correct diagnoses are produced, The Headache Center of Chicago designs a customized regimen of therapy and rehabilitation to get you lasting relief from your pain. No two patients are alike, and each patient’s treatment course is also different.

All of your treatments will be done by a highly-trained therapist right here at The Headache Center of Chicago. We use patented, FDA-cleared technologies to get you relief that lasts. Most treatment modalities we use come directly from the field of advanced sports medicine therapy. Therapy is painless and no drugs or needles will ever be used. Expect a pleasant, stress-free experience for your therapies! Each and every staff member at The Headache Center of Chicago is 100% committed to ensuring your visits are smooth, timely, and comfortable.

Q:How will I feel after my first treatment?
It depends entirely on your unique condition and symptoms, but most patients will experience some immediate relief from their pain symptoms. Over time you’ll notice objective improvement as the additional treatment visits provide ever increasing pain relief. Patients should see a consistent improvement until most or all of the pain is gone. Remember, this is long-term or even permanent relief, because we target the root causes of pain and not the symptoms.

Please see our testimonial videos on the Testimonials Page. Listen to what our own patients have to say about their pain conditions, treatment experiences, and their successes at The Headache Center of Chicago.

Q:How long does it take to complete a full course of treatments?
For most patients a full treatment course usually consists of office visits at a rate of once a week, for 8 to 18 weeks. A complete course of treatment at The Headache Center of Chicago could get you mostly or completely pain-free in less than three months with normal response to therapy. So many of our patients have come to know just how valuable their time commitment has been in treatment here at the Center because now they are living pain-free and without the restrictions they used to have.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Continuing Treatment At Home

Q:When treatment visits at the office conclude, what happens then?
At The Headache Center of Chicago we provide our patients with the tools necessary for ongoing treatment and self-care. Every patient is given their own home care units with detailed instructions and personal training. We are always available to answer questions at any time, but we make certain that you have everything you need. It’s not uncommon for patients to need maintenance visits to help them stay healthy, these visits are less frequent than our full battery of treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Cost of Treatment and Insurance Coverage

Q:What is the typical cost for treatments?
It will depend on the diagnoses of the patient. Generally, the treatment costs vary from patient to patient. However, we are a fee for service practice and some or all of your course of treatment may be reimbursable by your insurance plan but that will need to be done through self submission. The Headache Center of Chicago is happy to provide you with the claim forms needed to submit to your insurance company independently.

The Headache Center of Chicago offers flexible financing choices to make treatment affordable to everyone, no matter their budget. Call us to schedule an appointment. Our caring staff will also walk you through our financing options.

We have been remarkably successful getting people with complex pain conditions back to a pain-free state of being. We believe that financial concerns should be carefully addressed so that getting you free from pain can become the priority. We’re ready to help you!

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