Headache and Migraine Pain Relief

Why Common Headache and Migraine Pain Relief Solutions Fail to Deliver

Migraine Treatment doesn't need to involve drugs. We prove it. Headache and migraine pain relief that lasts; seems like just a dream to so many who really need it. Right now it is estimated that there are somewhere between 35 and 45 million people in the U.S. alone who suffer with frequent headaches and migraines. Of those, millions are chronically suffering and have explored numerous solutions to control the pain. Unfortunately, looking for answers in the most common places usually produces only short term results and no long term headache and migraine pain relief.

And where do most people start looking? Most begin with common painkillers they find over the counter, or home remedies that promise to naturally relieve headache and migraine pain. When the pills and herbs fail to produce any lasting pain relief, sufferers may seek out the advice and counsel of their primary care physicians, or other kinds of doctors or specialists. Often this involves being prescribed stronger drugs – sometimes powerful narcotics that carry their own health risks – for managing their migraine and headache symptoms. Some receive injections, and yet others are advised to manage the triggers of headache and migraine pain using various approaches and methodologies. The problem remains, and the vicious cycle continues.

The problem with most migraine and headache treatments today is that they are NOT treatments at all. In essence, they do not treat anything. In the case of pain pills and injections, the symptoms are masked and only temporary pain relief is produced. One must continue to take drugs all of the time, because the pain always returns. In the case of trigger point management, accurately identifying triggers is extremely difficult if possible at all.

Can Lasting Headache and Migraine Pain Relief Be Achieved?

Frame RightFor most people suffering with headache and migraine pain, YES it can.

Fortunately, there are new ways to mitigate the pain caused my many types of headache and migraine conditions. At the Headache Center of Chicago we solve migraine and headache pain problems routinely with our therapies. We do it without drugs, injections, or surgery. We do it by treating the root cause of headache and migraine pain with targeted treatments using FDA-approved technologies for long term relief.

“Headaches and Migraines are often complex in their symptomatic manifestations. The way sufferers experience pain changes from one person to another. The way they affect people’s lives may be vastly different as well. However, at The Headache Center of Chicago we do see common themes play out with our patients.

One theme in particular continues to dominate — almost all headache and migraine patients have had to alter their personal habits just to cope. Some patients with chronic daily headaches do not sleep well, while others cannot focus and feel they must frequently call off work. Some will even lose their appetite.

Regardless of how headache or migraine has changed you, people were not meant to live this way. If you or someone you love is suffering, let HCC help you to find lasting headache or migraine pain relief so you can live normally and be your BEST self.”

Dr. Tom Brzostowski

First Get Correctly Diagnosed for Headache and Migraine

To find long lasting migraine and headache pain relief the first thing you should do is allow our highly-trained staff perform a complete headache and migraine diagnosis here at The Headache Center of Chicago.
Using the latest in precision diagnostic equipment, along with our pioneering neuromuscular examination protocols we will uncover the root causes of your painful headaches or migraines. We will SHOW you the problem areas causing your pain.

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Advanced Headache and Migraine Treatments to Resolve Pain

At At The Headache Center of Chicago your migraine and headache treatments will be focused on eliminating the root causes of pain – not symptoms. Therein lies the difference between failure and success.
All treatments at The Headache Center of Chicago are customized to each patients’ unique headache or migraine pain conditions. Lasting headache and migraine pain relief can be achieved with the proper treatment protocols and therapies are pain-free in and of themselves.

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