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Being properly diagnosed for your unique headache or migraine condition is the first step to long term pain relief. Correct headache or migraine diagnosis takes a level of experience and skill not commonly found in the medical community to do it right, but here at The Headache Center of Chicago we do it every day — the right way.

The reason a correct diagnosis is absolutely critical to getting you pain lasting relief that lasts is because the root cause of your headache or migraine pain needs to be known. This allows us to customize our migraine and headache treatment protocols to your unique condition. At The Headache Center of Chicago you’ll be able to leverage our headache and migraine expertise to uncover the root cause of your pain, so your headaches or migraines can be treated. Here, the hope for long lasting headache and migraine pain relief is real — it CAN be achieved.

HCC Stands at the Technical Frontier of Headache and Migraine Diagnosis

At The Headache Center of Chicago our pioneering diagnostics and thorough examination protocols help us uncover the precise nature of every patient’s headache or migraine pain.

We use groundbreaking computer technologies to analyze the bite forces of the mouth, comprehensively examine the range of motion in the small muscles of the head and neck, and then we show our patients where the neuromuscular force imbalances must be corrected to get them pain-free.

Our headache and migraine treatments are highly effective for most headache and migraine sufferers.

Are you ready to finally know the real cause of your headache or migraine pain?

Get an HCC Diagnosis NOW — Find Out if Treatment is for You

If it is determined after thorough diagnosis that you are a candidate for our breakthrough headache and migraine therapies then we will be able to tell you so by the time your preliminary examination concludes.

Only a few short years ago, successful long term headache and migraine treatment was rarely possible because headaches and migraines were so widely misunderstood. The medical community at large did not understand that there are frequent and direct links between neuromuscular force problems and headache and migraine conditions. That paradigm has finally shifted and cutting-edge dentistry is getting long-time sufferers free from chronic headaches and migraines.

“At The Headache Center of Chicago we know that just having HOPE for long lasting pain relief isn’t enough. The reason we employ the latest diagnostic technologies in sports medicine and dentistry is simple — we want to expose the root cause of your headache and migraine pain and get you results. If you are suffering right now, call us and set up an appointment. Get diagnosed right now. We want to see you well, and free from the painful headaches or migraines you experience.”

— Dr. Thomas Brzostowski

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