Migraine and Headache Treatments

The Case Against Typical Migraine and Headache Treatments

Most typical migraine and headache treatments rely on such things as drugs, trigger point management, and surgery to help those who suffer with migraine or headache pain. These migraine and headache pain relief solutions are often problematic, and for several key reasons.

The drugs and painkillers used today are headache and migraine symptom maskers, and actually do nothing whatsoever to correct headaches and migraines. Drugs cannot actually ‘treat’ migraines and headaches because nothing is actually done to eliminate the root causes of pain. Additionally, drugs can invite other problems as they often carry serious health risks and can leave the suffering individual living in a fog. This is no way to live!

In the case of trigger point management, know that triggers are often extremely difficult to identify if possible at all, resulting in guesswork that could get you nowhere. Still, when trigger point management succeeds in some marginal way it often requires significant behavioral modification and lifestyle alterations to maintain that success. Having to change your habits and lifestyle to combat headache and migraine pain is a highly questionable course of action. Many people simply can’t do it.

Surgery is also problematic in the treatment of headaches and migraines, as it is highly invasive by its very nature and again, introduces significant health risks. Furthermore, what if it doesn’t work? Is there the potential for surgery to make things worse? While surgical procedures may be appropriate for some few headache and migraine sufferers, it is hard to imagine that such a radical solution would be necessary for most people suffering from headache and migraine pain. So, is there a better way?

Why HCC’s Migraine and Headache Treatments Actually WORK

The Headache Center of Chicago provides migraine and headache treatments out of our Westmont, Illinois office that target the root causes for your headache and migraine pain – not the symptoms. This is why we achieve long term pain relief without using drugs or surgery. We fix the migraine and headache problems directly by restoring bite force harmony and rehabilitating the neuromuscular imbalances causing the pain. We do NOT base our migraine and headache therapies on the masking of symptoms like so many traditional migraine and headache treatments that fail to deliver lasting pain relief.

Regardless of whether you have a simple bite force imbalance causing some mild but frequent headache or migraine pain, or you have chronic headache or migraine symptoms that have been going on for years, our advanced therapies and treatment protocols could bring you long lasting headache and migraine pain relief, or even permanent relief.

What to Expect from HCC and the Migraine and Headache Treatment Process

At The Headache Center of Chicago our migraine and headache treatments can begin immediately after completing the initial diagnostic and examination protocols required to diagnose you and expose the root causes of your pain. Dr. Brzostowski and his expertly trained migraine and headache therapists will make you feel right at home. Our offices are beautiful, comfortable, and you’ll find the entire staff is attentive to your needs and wholly pleasant to work with.

Because the root cause behind each patient’s headache and migraine pain is different, every patient is designed a customized treatment course that is specific to their unique diagnoses. A typical full course of treatment for headaches and migraines usually lasts from 8 to 12 weeks in duration, with each weekly session lasting about 60 minutes in length.

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