Oct 1

Let’s Analyze Different Approaches to Headache and Migraine Treatment

Find Advanced Headache and Migraine Treatments at HCCMillions of headache and migraine sufferers go through their days in severe pain without ever truly understanding why. After awhile, many of them find that they can no longer accept the painful status quo and decide that something must be done, even though they may not really know what to do.

Those who do seek professional help for headaches and migraines may turn to their general doctor or a specialist only to find that prescription medications seem to be the “one size fits all” solution for the pain symptoms.

Others will turn to chiropractic care to find answers, but too often the results are temporary. They find that they must constantly return for massage and/or trigger point release because the pain always returns.

The routine can often look like this when seek help from a medical physician:

Examination, tests, medications, wait… re-examination, more tests, medication, wait… re-examination, medications, wait… re-examination, referral to specialist, medication change, wait… etc. Medications may stay the same, or they many change over time, but the involvement of pharmaceuticals is almost guaranteed from your first office visit, and is likely never to stop. Neither will the office visits.

NOW SOME CRITICAL THOUGHTS: We know that medications are used to temporarily relieve pain symptoms. But beyond that, what exactly is it about those debilitating headache and migraine conditions that ACTUALLY gets treated through medication use? Can the masking of pain symptoms temporarily with migraine drugs or narcotics even be legitimately considered “treatment” if the root causes for pain (something other than the pain itself) go completely unchecked and unchanged? Office visit after office visit? Bottle after bottle? In our opinion, the answer is NO. Reliance on drugs for pain is more akin to a lifestyle than it is a treatment; and for those who know, it’s not a lifestyle you’d wish on your worst enemy.

TYPICAL TREATMENT COURSE LENGTH: months, years, or decades.
TREATMENT RESULT EXPECTATIONS: Temporary pain relief via the masking of symptoms with medication; no long-term resolution of pain.

The routine often looks like this when you seek help from a chiropractor:

You will be questioned and examined in some limited ways by the chiropractor and then receive manual massage/manipulation with trigger point release, spinal adjustments, so on. These are valuable services that can affect short to mid-term positive change through the elimination of chronic muscular tension conditions that contribute to headache and migraine pain proliferation.
This kind of treatment may work as a permanent solution for a limited few, but the vast majority of chronic headache and migraine sufferers also have neuromuscular force imbalances that cannot be corrected with either medication or chiropractic manipulation. Any progress gained through chiropractic manipulation can be lost over time as once again, the root causes are not treated directly.

TYPICAL TREATMENT COURSE LENGTH: months, years, or decades.
TREATMENT RESULT EXPECTATIONS: Temporary relief from pain symptoms, without medication, via partial neuromuscular rehabilitation; long-term resolution of pain is rare.

And now on to Neuromuscular Dentistry.

Patients who seek treatment at the Headache Center of Chicago quickly find out that the treatment protocols used in neuromuscular dentistry are profoundly different than are found in a doctor’s office and more comprehensive than found in a chiropractic approach.

The routine often looks like this when you seek help from a neuromuscular dentist:

1. A comprehensive head health and headache history is performed to aid the clinicians in understanding all aspects of your headache and migraine background.

2. Because the bite forces are directly linked to neuromuscular force issues of the head, neck, teeth, jaw and face that directly cause the majority of headache and migraine pain conditions, your bite forces will be precisely analyzed on a tooth by tooth basis to detect any and all imbalances. Force imbalances in the teeth can be correlated to headache/migraine pain locations and severity, and help explain why many have certain types of headache or migraine pain that persist over time.

3. Comprehensive range-of-motion examination and muscle palpation testing is performed on the patient to pinpoint areas of muscular tension/pain which are then correlated with the identified bite force imbalances. The correlation of bite force problems (neuromuscular force problems) and pain locations/severity IS the smoking gun.

4. Once these ROOT CAUSES for chronic headache and migraine pain are exposed — imbalances in force the distribution correlated with the locations and severity of neuromuscular stress, muscle tension, and pain types — the necessary treatment protocols are assigned to:

• Correct bite force imbalances permanently
• Rehabilitate the neuromusculature which has been under constant stress from the imbalances
• Restore balance and harmony to the head, neck, shoulders, jaw, teeth… the entire dentomandibular complex.

5. Treatment modalities also frequently used by medical doctors, therapists, and chiropractors (such as cold laser, manual manipulation, ultrasound and cranial electro-stimulation) are used by trained clinicians IN CONJUNCTION WITH the bite force corrections performed by the neuromuscular dentist. This is the kind of treatment protocol that only a neuromuscular dentist can perform.

TREATMENT RESULT EXPECTATIONS: Long-term to permanent pain relief; significant or total resolution of the pain condition itself, without the use of drugs, needles, or surgery.

Analysis complete. You have some real, viable options to consider.

Whatever you do, don’t live your life wondering what you could have done differently. Instead, THINK DIFFERENTLY about headache and migraine pain. It could change everything.

Be well!