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Below you’ll be able to see and listen to stories from actual patients of The Headache Center of Chicago. Our patients come to us with different conditions ranging from chronic tension in the muscles of the head and neck, to daily headaches, migraines, atypical face pain, tooth pain, and more. The Headache Center of Chicago was able to bring long lasting pain relief to those you’ll hear from on this page. We’re ready for YOU to become the next success story!

Stories about pain and relief…

Julie’s migraines usually lasted for days. Now she feels like a new person.

Julie’s Painful Migraine Headaches Lasted Days on End

Imagine how hard it would be to live normally if you had migraine episodes 3 to 4 times a month, but each one lasted for days on end. This is the situation that Julie fond herself in and the disruption to her life was significant to say the least.

Julie was also no stranger to prescription drugs. doctors prescribed numerous medications to help with the pain but the side effects were very difficult to handle, and sometimes the drugs just didn’t help at all.

At The Headache Center of Chicago we see patients all the time who describe both similar and different pain symptoms, but in most cases we are able to free them from pain. Julie was able to get help.


Weekly Migraine Episodes (lasting for days)

Therapy Results:

Julie’s assigned treatment protocols were extensive, and numerous therapies were used to successfully get her back to health. Her days of spending time in dark rooms to cope with severe migraine pain have come to an end.

Kevin battled back from serious jaw and head pain, and even depression.

Kevin’s Life Was in Pieces – Headache Pain Affected Everything

Kevin describes his live before finding The Headache Center of Chicago as “miserable” and “hopeless”, citing the fact that he was constantly taking medications to cope with crippling pain. It’s hard to imagine much worse a scenario.

When someone has to live like this day in and day out it affects every part of their lives. Kevin’s pain spilled into his work life, his family time, and damaged his social life. This is no way to live and he knew he had to change something. Depression set in and seriously curtailed his hope for a normal life.

Therapy was exactly what he needed. The pain episodes are down, and he’s finally able to pick up the pieces of his life.


Crippling Head and Jaw Pain experienced almost daily

Therapy Results:

A customized treatment protocol was designed to target the root causes of Kevin’s painful condition. To say that therapy was successful is almost an understatement.

Kevin doesn’t take pain pills all day long to get by — at least not anymore. Everything has changed for him.

She no longer needs to take drugs every week and life is returning to normal.

Kara’s Chronic Jaw Pain Gone – Headaches & Migraines Under Control

When Kara first found The Headache Center of Chicago, she was experiencing chronic jaw pain and headaches just above her left eyebrow. The chronic jaw pain was an everyday occurrence and the headaches were happening nearly every week.

Her physicians prescribed Maxalt, which is a drug that carries numerous side effects including chest pain or heaviness and tightness, and pressure in the chest and/or neck. Also, pounding heartbeat, burning sensation or being overheated, numbness, tingling, and shortness of breath. That’s the short list.

The doctors and staff at The Headache Center of Chicago were able to drastically improve her chronic jaw pain, migraines and weekly headaches — all without using ANY medication.


Weekly Headaches, Painful Migraines with Tightness; Chronic Jaw Pain

Therapy Results:

The Headache Center of Chicago used ultrasound therapy, electrical stim, and massage to relieve pain and rehabilitate the areas where force imbalances existed. Her chronic jaw pain has been nearly eliminated and the headaches are few and far between.

No more Topamax or Imitrex! Sue has left the Drugs Behind.

Sue Says Goodbye to Topamax and Imitrex – AND Her Chronic Headaches

At HCC, Sue found out once and for all where her chronic aural migraines were coming from.

Through neuromuscular dentistry our doctor was able to eliminate her frequent pain and get her fully rehabilitated.

The fact that she had been prescribed Imitrex and Topamax to help her cope with the pain only underscores the truth about this type of pain – few can diagnose it properly. She didn’t need drugs at all. What she needed was the experienced staff at HCC to eliminate the root cause — and we did.


Frequent, Migraines with Aura

Therapy Results:

Neuromuscular Dentistry was employed to mitigate the pain and rehabilitate the areas where she had neuromuscular imbalances. Her chronic pain and kaleidoscopic visual anomalies are now gone and she no longer needs Imitrex or Topamax.

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