Tinnitus Diagnosis at HCC

Comprehensive Tinnitus Diagnosis is Critical to Success

A thorough and correct tinnitus diagnosis requires the right diagnostic tools and examination protocols. The experts at The Headache Center of Chicago can provide you with this expertise and we’ll get you the answers you need.

Tinnitus, while painful for some, is not usually as painful as other conditions brought on by neuromuscular force imbalance. However, if you have ever had frequent or chronic tinnitus symptoms then you know just how annoying it can be. Why continue to live with ringing in your ears when it very well may be unnecessary? We know your quality of life is at stake. Perhaps it is time to get a truly comprehensive tinnitus diagnosis that can lead to effective, drug-free and pain-free tinnitus treatments that correct the root causes.

Tinnitus Diagnosis from the Experts Just Makes Sense

Here at the Center we have the ability to correctly diagnose Tinnitus from the start. We can help you find the relief you need by reducing or even stopping the ringing entirely, and for the long term. In fact, we routinely uncover root causes for ear ringing that other specialists miss. But what is the real reason that receiving a tinnitus diagnosis from The Headache Center of Chicago is a smart alternative to getting one, or sticking with only one from another healthcare provider?

The reason is this — at The Headache Center of Chicago you will have access to expert doctors and highly-trained therapists using the most recent advancements in medical dentistry for producing a correct and thorough tinnitus diagnosis. The examination protocols used by our doctors can do more than just explain the reasons for your unique tinnitus symptoms. You will actually have the opportunity to SEE the areas of neuromuscular imbalance right on the computer screen — those areas requiring rehabilitation and harmony to function properly and mitigate the symptoms of tinnitus you exhibit.

They say knowing is half the battle — we say it’s more than half the battle, because knowing the cause paves a path forward to effective treatment. Without a comprehensive diagnosis first, the path to effective tinnitus treatment is only guess-work that leads to nowhere.

Get a Tinnitus Diagnosis Without the Guess-work

There is absolutely no guess-work in what we offer tinnitus patients at The Headache Center of Chicago. Industry-leading computer technologies are used to carefully map your dentomandibular forces. The range of motion of the head and neck is examined and tested. If you suffer with tinnitus right now, know that you finally have an avenue of discovery where the answers are concrete, and the results are real.

Successful tinnitus treatment was scarcely available anywhere in the medical community at large, only a few short years back. It took recent advancements in modern dentistry and sports medicine to get to this point. The diagnostic and treatment gaps in addressing tinnitus have been closed, and now we know what is required for long-term results.

“Suffering individuals who have lost hope usually carry immense skepticism. In the case of tinnitus, some have endured auditory anomalies and unreal noises in their head for so long that they are convinced nothing will work. They’ve tried just about everything else.

I urge you to consider this if you are suffering with tinnitus — what we do is so different than what the medical community is currently offering for tinnitus diagnosis and treatment. You are likely to find answers here that no other type of provider can give you, and our treatments have been remarkably successful and incorporate the latest advancements. If our diagnosis was the only thing standing in the way of finding a lasting relief, you will only know for sure if you GET diagnosed at HCC.”

— Dr. Thomas Brzostowski

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