Tinnitus Treatments at HCC

Tinnitus Treatments to Restore Dental Force Harmony

Of critical importance to understanding how tinnitus treatments must be performed is the idea that dental-related forces are frequently and directly linked to tinnitus symptoms. When the body exhibits a disharmonious relationship between the forces in the head, neck, face, jaw, and teeth, the resulting symptoms are usually explained with a thorough diagnosis and exposure of the root causes.

It is unfortunate that most care providers cannot and do not include comprehensive analysis of the bite forces and neuromuscular examination in their diagnostics. Quite frankly, most providers do not have the tools and training for producing a correct tinnitus diagnosis OR the advanced therapeutic modalities for tinnitus treatment.

When it comes to tinnitus diagnosis and tinnitus treatment, we DO have the training, technology and protocols necessary. Once the experts at The Headache Center of Chicago diagnose you and pinpoint the locations where force imbalances exist, your condition is matched with the appropriate tinnitus treatments and the frequency of therapy can also be determined.

“Tinnitus is both annoying to the patient and perplexing to most healthcare providers. The doctors and staff at The Headache Center of Chicago are trained to do this, and we have the latest diagnostic equipment available to aid us. More advanced diagnosis and treatment technologies simply cannot be found elsewhere. The Headache Center of Chicago already stands at the pioneering forefront of tinnitus treatment today.”

— Dr. Thomas Brzostowski

About Our Tinnitus Treatment Process

The Headache Center of Chicago gives you access to breakthrough tinnitus treatments. Regardless if you are suffering with easily modifiable force imbalances in the bite that cause you mild tinnitus symptoms, or have chronic problems that have lasted for years. We are ready to help you find relief.

Tinnitus treatments can usually begin right after the diagnostic exams are completed. Therapy is done right here at The Headache Center of Chicago by Drs. Simpson and Brzostowski and their staff of qualified tinnitus therapists. Sessions typically last about 50 minutes and happen once a week.

The facilities at The Headache Center of Chicago are very inviting and our staff caring and attentive.

Why wait any longer when long lasting, or even permanent tinnitus relief is possible? Schedule an appointment with The Headache Center of Chicago today and have your tinnitus symptoms diagnosed and treated by the experts!

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