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Long Lasting TMJ Pain Relief at The Headache Center of Chicago

Don't let TMJ Pain or Face Pain Stop You.If dental force imbalances exist in the teeth or jaw joints, TMJ pain can persist until bite force harmony is somehow restored. Truth is, most people were not born with perfectly straight teeth. It’s really no surprise that so many people experience painful TMJ/TMD symptoms or jaw discomforts and need TMJ pain relief.

The human body strives for balance and harmony in all things. As it pertains to the Temporomandibular Joints, your body wants to achieve balance and harmony of the bite forces — both left and right. When the bite forces are not in balance, the key to relieving any TMJ pain or various symptoms associated with jaw discomfort is to restore a proper 50/50 balance from left to right. It has to start there. The painful and annoying symptoms we refer to include, but are not limited to popping or clicking within the jaw joints, as well as pain when opening, closing, or chewing. TMJ pain can alter personal habits, and even force people to restrict what they eat.

At the Headache Center of Chicago we have the ability to restore harmony to the bite forces and mitigate the TMJ pain and jaw discomfort you may be experiencing with our breakthrough TMJ Therapies. In fact, there are several ways we can solve TMJ pain conditions once you’ve been properly diagnosed for your specific TMJ pain manifestations. Here at the Center, TMJ pain relief is not only possible but our advanced technologies for TMJ Treatment could even get you free from your TMJ pain permanently.

“Many patients see us for treatment of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMJ/TMD) and other jaw discomforts. More often than not, we are able to determine through a comprehensive TMJ diagnosis that imbalances in their dental-related forces are at the root of the TMJ or jaw pain they’ve been living with for so long. If we determine that you ARE a candidate for our breakthrough TMJ treatments, it’s good news. It means we can help you right now. If you are suffering with TMJ-related pain, perhaps it’s time for you to find out once and for all if you could get out from under that pain for good.”

Dr. Thomas Brzostowski

Do You Suffer with Face Pain? Could it be Linked to TMD/TMJ or Other Problems?

The answer is yes, face pain can most definitely be related to TMJ/TMD or other neuromuscular conditions and it is possible you would not even know it. However, it is equally possible that any face pain you may experience is not related to the TMJ joints. For instance, in many cases it is determined that previous dental work — badly executed, no less — is the culprit.

Back to the TMJs. It is certainly possible that your TMJ joints are problematic and triggering other pain symptoms in the nerves and muscles of your face, head and neck. It is even possible that those symptoms would manifest as migraines or frequent headaches, chronic head and neck tension or soreness of the muscles, or sharp pains and tingling sensations.

Because the root causes of face pain can vary widely from one sufferer to another it is absolutely critical that you receive a proper face pain diagnosis. Lasting face pain relief is possible once the real root cause of your face pain is exposed. The correct treatment protocols for your unique condition will be employed by the Headache Center of Chicago based on this diagnosis.

If you experience face pain and do not know why, reach out to the experts at The Headache Center of Chicago. We have the most advanced diagnostic tools available for diagnosing face pain regardless of whether it is linked to TMJ problems.

Comprehensive Face Pain & TMJ Diagnosis

Are you ready to get a correct TMJ diagnosis or Face Pain diagnosis and finally know why you experience pain? The Headache Center of Chicago is ready to diagnose you, get you answers, and get you lasting pain relief.

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Breakthrough Face Pain & TMJ Treatments

Our TMJ Treatments and Face Pain treatments give you an excellent chance of living a pain free life again. Why? Because we don’t rely on unnecessary surgery or symptom-masking drugs. Our TMJ treatments target root causes.

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