Comprehensive TMJ Diagnosis & Face Pain Diagnosis

What Does a TMJ Diagnosis Mean?

Receiving a TMJ diagnosis in essence means that the temporomandibular joints that connect the lower jawbone to your skull are causing you pain. Your TMJ joints work hard every day as they are involved with every instance of speaking, chewing, swallowing and yawning. We all do a lot of that! Is it any surprise that the muscle systems in these areas get fatigued and sore? Of course not.

While some sufferers experience some mild unpleasantness or restriction of movement, others may experience excruciating TMJ pain that begins the moment they wake up. Regardless, if you do receive a TMJ diagnosis from us than it is highly likely that the TMJ pain you live with is something we can treat successfully right now. Only a proper TMJ diagnosis can reveal the truth, and this is where it begins.

If it’s a Face Pain Diagnosis, is My TMJ Still Involved?

If it’s a face pain diagnosis, we can also determine the level of involvement of the TMJ. Some patients who experience face pain do not have TMJ problems at all. There are many neuromuscular forces at work throughout the head, neck, face, teeth, and jaw joints that often work in tandem to produce face pain. Proper diagnosis is critical. Proper TMJ Treatments and Face Pain treatments will be assigned based on your unique diagnosis — once we have exposed the root causes of the pain.

“If you receive a TMJ diagnosis or Face Pain diagnosis after we employ our comprehensive diagnostic protocols and expose the root cause or causes, we will actually be able to show you where the pain comes from. At that point we explain exactly what treatments should be employed to correct these neuromuscular force problems for the long-term.”

— Dr. Thomas Brzostowski

Get Expert Face Pain Diagnosis and TMJ Diagnosis from HCC

If you can’t get a truly thorough and accurate face pain diagnosis or TMJ diagnosis from a health care provider then you would expect that the effectiveness of any TMJ Therapy or Face Pain Therapy that followed to fall short in providing long lasting pain relief. This happens way too often with TMJ diagnosis and face pain diagnosis — we see it all the time.

For many years now people with TMJ pain and face pain have typically turned to medical doctors and ‘specialists’ seeking pain relief, and what they’ve gotten for their trouble is frequently ineffective treatments — prescription drugs to mask the pain symptoms, or highly invasive surgical procedures when the drugs fail to provide temporary relief. At The Headache Center of Chicago we know there is a better way. Cutting edge dentists with highly specialized training — not your doctor — are shifting the diagnosis and treatment paradigm for conditions such as TMJ discomfort and facial pain.

If you have already been diagnosed and treated for these conditions somewhere else and treatment was largely or completely ineffective, we urge you to reach out to The Headache Center of Chicago for a detailed diagnosis of your TMJ pain or face pain condition. The latest advances in diagnostic technology and protocol could indeed make all the difference in getting you effective TMJ treatments or Face Pain treatments.

“Even if you have received a TMJ diagnosis from another healthcare practitioner or specialist, getting diagnosed at The Headache Center of Chicago is a the right thing to do. What we do here to diagnose face pain and TMJ pain is quite different than what other practitioners have done for you in the past. In MOST cases our diagnoses have uncovered problems that other practitioners missed due to lack of training and experience, or not having access to the latest diagnostic tools.”

— Dr. Thomas Brzostowski

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