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Our Approach: Face Pain Treatments and TMJ Treatments

TMJ Treatments with life changing results.

Our TMJ treatments and face pain treatments always involve rehabilitation therapies that are assigned after a comprehensive diagnosis is produced. Each patient’s condition is entirely unique, requiring detailed examination and testing to uncover root causes for pain. The Headache Center of Chicago is conveniently located in Westmont, IL, within easy reach of greater Chicagoland.

With some patients we are able to quickly determine that dental-related imbalances — bite force and other neuromuscular force problems — are producing moderate pain symptoms in the TMJ joints or the face. Other patients may experience chronic suffering, having pain in the TMJ or face that has made them miserable for years on end. Regardless of your particular pain condition, our TMJ treatments and face pain treatments are designed to target the root cause or causes of your specific pain condition.

Once the reasons for your condition are known, we assign TMJ and face pain therapies that rehabilitate the nerves and muscles involved. Remember that it’s all about what YOU need. Every single patient at The Headache Center of Chicago gets a customized treatment protocol. Therefore, TMJ treatments or face pain treatments can differ greatly in type and/or frequency from patient to patient.

Having said that, most patients who receive TMJ treatment or face pain treatment will be treated once a week and sessions typically last around 50 minutes in length. For most patients, we are able to complete a full course of TMJ treatment or Face Pain treatment within 12 weeks.

What Should You Expect When You Arrive at HCC?

Expect a pain-free, drug-free, needle-free treatment experience at The Headache Center of Chicago. For patients who are diagnosed with Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (TMD/TMJ) the rehabilitation therapies can start immediately after the initial TMJ or face pain diagnostics and exams have concluded. All treatments are performed on-site by either Dr. Simpson or Dr. Brzostowski and their expertly trained staff of therapists. The Headache Center of Chicago offers comfortable and inviting treatment facilities and our goal is always to make you feel right at home!

TMJ and Face Pain Treatments Using Advanced Technologies

The Headache Center of Chicago employs time-proven, state-of-the-art technology to treat those who suffer with Face Pain and TMJ discomfort. Ever patient’s treatment course is customized. Therapy modalities used to rehabilitate you may include: Cold Laser, Electrical Stim Therapy, Ultrasound, and Manual manipulation Therapy.

A few short years ago our understanding as a medical community of the root causes for TMJ pain and face pain — both doctors AND dental practitioners — was largely incomplete for successful diagnosis and treatment of these conditions. The reason for this is simple. None of us truly understood the direct and frequent link between TMJ pain or face pain conditions to neuromuscular force imbalances in the body; specifically, dental-related force imbalances. This is no longer the case.

In modern dentistry we have closed the knowledge gap, and the hope for TMJ pain relief and facial pain relief — indeed, permanent relief — is now very real. Now you can finally take full advantage of the latest advancements in TMJ treatment and face pain treatment — right here at The Headache Center of Chicago.

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